To build a global ecosystem together, the global recruitment plan for KOL nodes of XTM Exchange under Conscious is launched!

The recently popular XTM exchange officially launched a global recruitment plan for KOL nodes, which will be officially launched at 8:00 pm on June 20 (UTC+8). Applying to become an XTM KOL node can enjoy the exclusive rights and interests of the platform KOL, deeply participate in the governance of the XTM platform, and obtain a number of dividend income at the same time.

XTM KOL node recruitment plan hot start

XTM firmly believes that the community is an important force in the blockchain wave, and officially launched a global recruitment plan for KOL nodes, inviting partners who love blockchain, have rich industry resources, and excellent and powerful community owners to join XTM. Partners and platforms are welcome to jointly build a highly autonomous blockchain community ecosystem and share the development dividends of the platform.
XTM KOL nodes are divided into three categories: global KOL nodes, regional KOL nodes, and community KOL nodes. Become an XTM KOL node to enjoy platform risk mining dividend rewards and risk-free mining insurance premiums and other benefits.
The XTM KOL recruitment plan will be officially launched at 8:00 p.m. on June 20. Go to the XTM official website: or join the XTM official telegram community to learn more about KOL level application requirements, community subscription benefits, KOL exclusive rights, and KOL global After the dividend plan and invitation rules, users can choose whether to participate in the application of XTM KOL according to their own needs.


Conscious’ heavy encryption ecology, one-stop encrypted financial service platform XTM

XTM Exchange is a heavy encrypted financial ecology under the Conscious Network. XTM Exchange was officially launched at the end of May this year, and XTM DeFi was also officially launched in June. Centralization combined with a decentralized financial ecology aims to provide users with a one-stop encrypted financial service platform with a low threshold to meet the needs of community development.
In the Twitter Space live broadcast on June 18, Conscious Network Founder Neo Wang said: Conscious Network, as the world’s first consciousness governance public chain, aims to ensure the continuation of consciousness and lead human civilization with human consciousness. Conscious is a public chain that combines Layer 1 and Layer 2. The main direction in the future is artificial intelligence AI. At present, the XTM heavy ecology has been launched, including XTM Trust, the world’s first Web 3 trust asset management platform, and two trading platforms, XTM Exchange and XTM DeFi.
In the future, the assets of XTM Exchange will be managed by XTM Trust in compliance with the regulations, providing users with safe and transparent financial guarantee services, and at the same time committed to expanding more types of asset management services for users.
This year, favorable policies for the encryption industry in Hong Kong have been continuously released, and Conscious Network has also accelerated its deployment in Hong Kong. According to Neo, the Hong Kong operation center is officially under renovation, and its address is located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. As Hong Kong is currently the most popular area of ​​Web3, the construction of the Hong Kong operation center is also to better radiate East Asia and expand the global ecological territory.

The industry has experienced the FTX thunderstorm incident. At present, the North American SEC regulatory conflicts continue. The eyes of the blockchain world are gradually shifting from the West to Asia. Everyone is looking for a star project with a complete ecology. The underlying support of Conscious Network, the support of a large number of community users of ConsciousDAO, and the one-stop encrypted financial platform of XTM coincide with everyone’s needs.
XTM KOL node recruitment is officially open, whether you are a social media influencer, blockchain community leader, blockchain industry opinion leader, industry media, or original content producer, boldly participate, the next KOL is you! Build a global ecology together and explore infinite possibilities!

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