2023 European Premium Brands Salon – Web3 Chapter in Rome, Italy

Rome Web3 Meet-up

On December 24, 2023, in Italy, Web3Europe orchestrated a distinguished Web3 offline salon event, specifically tailored for Europe’s high-end brands. The primary objective of Web3Europe is to provide each participating project with focused and in-depth social media exposure opportunities. This initiative is further enhanced by the contributions of roadshow sponsors, offering brand photography, interviews, and media coverage.
For more information on the roles of HGEX and InitVerse in this event, please refer to their Twitter posts:
In this prestigious platform, over 20 projects showcased their innovation and foresight. Leading the roadshow were HGEX and InitVerse, setting a remarkable standard. Alongside, Coral collaboratively participated with multiple partners including NEWS Meta, Genesis, LionDEX, Metabirds, KOI, AI World, and Bibi. This collaboration demonstrated a diverse and dynamically evolving industry ecosystem.


At the Web3Europe event in Italy on December 24, 2023, over 70 attendees from across the EU, including 6 European ambassadors from sponsoring organizations, showcased the event’s international reach and appeal. A key highlight was the deep dive into various projects, offering participants a chance to engage directly with industry leaders and innovators. This interaction fostered rare learning and collaboration opportunities, driving both project and industry development.
The high-end brand salon in Rome, part of the Web3Europe event, showcased the industry’s cutting-edge projects and ideas. It provided a platform for Web3 professionals from diverse backgrounds to network and collaborate, laying a solid foundation for future partnerships. We look forward to more such events to further drive innovation and growth in the industry.

Web3Europe provides crucial support to selected projects:

a.   Event Support: Invitation to join Web3Europe events across over 20 European countries, presenting to investors, media, and potential partners.

b.   Media Matrix: Access to Foresight and over 150 social media exposure outlets, aiding in network building and market success.

c.   Project Endorsement: Recruitment of the best overseas project ambassadors for comprehensive sponsor branding.

d.   Expert Guidance: Allocation of 1-3 mentors and an overseas ambassador per project for practical, industry-specific advice and brand support.


How to Apply for the January 13 Offline Meeting in Denmark 

Perhaps you just need to showcase your product idea… leave the rest to us.
If you wish to present your project at Web3, if you have the technology and market insight but need more exposure… you can discuss with us here:
On January 14, the fourth salon event in Denmark – Copenhagen will focus on inscription+Web3, Bitcoin ecosystem, LSDFi, NFTFi derivatives, PoS node services, DIDand all other pioneering fields that embrace change and innovation. For more collaboration, please contact the organizer Marvis for further information.

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